Disrupting tradition! The powerful cutting of ACTIROX ceramic abrasive grains makes abrasives more economical and practical!


Are you frustrated with high abrasive costs and slow grinding speeds? Don’t worry! VSM’s ACTIROX ceramic abrasive grains are specially treated to provide revolutionary cutting performance, allowing for fast cutting of various materials while significantly reducing usage costs and increasing production efficiency.

In industries such as metalworking, automotive manufacturing, and aerospace, ACTIROX has become an essential high-efficiency abrasive product.

In this article, we will delve into the advantages and disadvantages, usage methods, prices, application scenarios, patented technologies, and other aspects of ACTIROX to comprehensively analyze the characteristics and advantages of this abrasive product for readers. Experience the grinding revolution brought by ACTIROX now!

What is ACTIROX?

ACTIROX is a high-performance abrasive product developed by VSM company. It is a type of ceramic abrasive with excellent grinding performance and long service life. The surface of ACTIROX abrasive particles is specially treated, giving them very strong grinding ability. This special treatment also allows the abrasive particles to automatically break during the grinding process, forming new cutting edges and maintaining the high efficiency and durability of the abrasive.

In addition, the abrasive particles of ACTIROX are optimized for excellent self-cleaning ability, automatically removing debris and abrasive residues generated during the grinding process, reducing downtime and cleaning costs. It also produces less heat and wear, which can effectively reduce the use cost of abrasive products and improve production efficiency.

The steps for using ACTIROX abrasive:


Before using ACTIROX abrasives, it is necessary to check whether the grinding tools used meet the requirements, such as the shape and material of the grinding head, and adjust them to the best condition. At the same time, ensure that the work area is clean and well ventilated.

Installing the grinding tool

Fix the grinding tool on the grinding machine or electric tool for handheld grinding, check if it is securely fastened, and adjust according to the installation requirements in the operating instructions.

Choosing the abrasive

Select the appropriate ACTIROX abrasive product based on factors such as the hardness, shape, and surface requirements of the processed material. You can refer to the product manual and technical specifications to determine the appropriate product.

Starting grinding

Before starting the grinding process, check whether the grinding tool and abrasive are compatible and adjust the speed and pressure of the grinding tool. Then gradually increase the speed of the grinding tool and begin the grinding process. During the grinding process, try to maintain a vertical angle between the grinding tool and the workpiece to ensure the grinding effect and surface quality of the workpiece.

Monitoring the grinding process

During the grinding process, monitor the surface quality and dimensions of the workpiece, as well as the condition of the grinding tool and abrasive. If any abnormalities are found, stop the grinding process in time, check and adjust the grinding tool and abrasive, and then resume grinding.

Cleaning and maintenance

After the grinding process is completed, clean up the remaining grinding tool and abrasive residue in a timely manner, and perform maintenance on the grinding tool and abrasive according to the operating instructions. For grinding materials that are no longer in use, they should be properly disposed of to avoid environmental pollution.


ACTIROX is an abrasive product developed and produced by the German VSM Group and has multiple patented technologies, including:

VSM TOP SIZE particle size distribution technology

Adjusting the particle size distribution of the abrasive to improve grinding efficiency and surface quality.

VSM ACTIROX abrasive technology

Using high-quality ceramic abrasives to improve grinding efficiency and cutting force, and extend service life.

VSM CERAMICS PLUS abrasive technology

Developed for the characteristics of grinding high-hardness materials, improving cutting efficiency and service life. In addition, ACTIROX also has other patented technologies, such as VSM PLUS abrasive technology and VSM PREMIUM abrasive technology. These technologies can improve grinding efficiency and quality, making ACTIROX one of the leading products in the market.

Application Scenarios

ACTIROX is an efficient abrasive product suitable for a variety of different grinding and machining applications, including but not limited to the following areas:

Metal Grinding

ACTIROX’s efficient grinding ability and powerful cutting force make it suitable for metal grinding applications, such as processing castings, forgings, and cold-formed parts, as well as surface treatment and processing of metal materials such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Automotive Component Machining

ACTIROX’s efficient grinding ability and excellent durability make it a widely used grinding product in the automotive manufacturing industry. For example, grinding and processing engine components, steering systems, braking systems, transmission systems, suspension systems, and other parts.

Glass and Ceramic Processing

ACTIROX can be used for grinding and processing hard materials such as glass, ceramics, and other materials, such as processing products like lenses, mirrors, and ceramic tools.

Woodworking Grinding

ACTIROX’s efficient grinding ability and excellent durability make it suitable for woodworking grinding applications, such as surface treatment and processing of products like furniture, flooring, and ladders.

As an efficient and high-precision abrasive product, ACTIROX has been widely used in various industries. For example, in the metalworking industry, ACTIROX can be used for precision grinding of materials such as stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, and titanium alloys, helping enterprises to improve production efficiency and product quality.

In the aerospace industry, ACTIROX can be used for grinding high-precision parts such as aircraft engine components and lightweight structural components, ensuring product reliability and safety. In the automotive manufacturing industry, ACTIROX can be used for high-requirement grinding processes such as body panels and engine components, ensuring product quality and efficiency. Additionally, ACTIROX can also be applied to non-metallic materials such as glass and ceramics to meet the grinding precision and efficiency requirements of different industries.


The price of ACTIROX varies depending on the product model, specifications, quantity, and region. Generally, the price of ACTIROX abrasive is higher compared to other abrasive products due to its high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes.

Specific prices can be obtained by consulting VSM company or its authorized agents. It is recommended to have a clear understanding of your processing requirements and product specifications before making a purchase to avoid unnecessary waste caused by over-refinement of the product.

It should be noted that ACTIROX abrasive has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, high wear resistance, and high precision in its application field, so the corresponding price is reasonable. When choosing abrasive products, the balance between product performance and price should be fully considered, and the maximum utilization efficiency should be achieved through reasonable processing methods and tools.

Pros and Cons

ACTIROX, as a high-performance ceramic abrasive product, has the following pros and cons:


High efficiency

The microcrystalline structure and high hardness of ACTIROX abrasive make it highly efficient and resistant to wear, allowing for quick completion of grinding operations and reducing processing time and costs.

High precision

ACTIROX abrasive has very high grinding precision, enabling high-precision surface processing and improving product quality and performance.

Long lifespan

The high hardness and wear resistance of ACTIROX abrasive result in a very long lifespan, making it capable of withstanding heavy grinding operations and avoiding problems such as particle shedding and deformation during long-term use.


ACTIROX abrasive is an eco-friendly product that does not contain harmful substances or heavy metals, making it harmless to the environment and human health.



ACTIROX abrasive is relatively expensive due to its high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes.


Due to its high hardness and brittleness, ACTIROX abrasive is prone to breakage and particle shedding during processing, requiring the control of parameters and the selection of suitable tools.

Selection limitations

ACTIROX abrasive has limited applications and is only suitable for specific processing materials and techniques.

Post-processing methods for ACTIROX

As an abrasive product, ACTIROX requires proper handling and storage after use to ensure its performance and quality. The following are the post-processing methods for ACTIROX:


After using ACTIROX abrasive particles for grinding, it is necessary to clean the debris and dust remaining on the grinding tool or the surface of the workpiece to avoid affecting the next grinding process. Water or special cleaning agents can be used for cleaning, following the operating instructions.


After cleaning the ACTIROX abrasive particles, they need to be dried to prevent the product from being affected by moisture and corrosion. An oven or fan can be used for drying, and attention should be paid to temperature and time control to avoid damage to the product caused by excessively high temperature and time.


After drying, ACTIROX abrasive particles need to be stored in a dry, ventilated place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or rain to prevent moisture and corrosion. At the same time, attention should be paid to the storage time and temperature to avoid prolonged storage and excessive temperature affecting the product.

Waste disposal

Using ACTIROX abrasive particles for grinding will produce a certain amount of waste, including debris and grinding fluid. These wastes need to be properly disposed of to prevent environmental pollution. They can be handled according to local laws and regulations, such as classification, collection, transportation, and disposal steps.

Handling and storage of ACTIROX abrasive particles require attention to product performance and quality, following relevant operating instructions and legal requirements to ensure environmental safety and sustainability.


The future looks bright for ACTIROX ceramic abrasive grains. Due to their excellent wear resistance and thermal stability, as well as their cost and lifespan advantages over traditional abrasives, the demand for ceramic abrasives in various application areas is growing. Additionally, with the development of advanced manufacturing technologies and high-precision machining, the requirements for grinding efficiency, quality, and surface finish are increasing, providing greater opportunities for the application of ceramic abrasives.

ACTIROX ceramic abrasive grains are constantly evolving through innovation and technological improvements, such as utilizing advanced particle size distribution and grinding technologies to further enhance their grinding efficiency and quality. Furthermore, the application areas for ACTIROX abrasives are expanding, not only in traditional metalworking and manufacturing industries but also extensively in grinding processing of materials such as stone, ceramics, plastics, and optical glass.

Overall, the future looks promising for ACTIROX ceramic abrasive grains, with good market and application prospects. As technology continues to advance and market demand increases, ACTIROX abrasives will continue to maintain their leading position and provide more efficient and high-quality grinding solutions for various industries.

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